Open Industrial Linux
Open-source Software Platform for Industrial Automation


OpenIL provides industrial-grade security. Trusted computing, hardened software, cryptographic operations, end-to-end security.


OpenIL provides a true real-time software platform. Real-time Linux kernel, professionally developed, tested and validated.


OpenIL supports the latest Time-Sensitive Networking technology. OpenTSN architecture runs on various hardware.

OpenIL Advantages

100% Open Source

Linux distribution specifically developed, tested, and packaged for industrial systems.

Industry Leading Experts

Technology experts and developers from industry-leading companies are actively building OpenIL software and solutions.

Field Proven

Every release is rigorously tested in industrial environments on production systems.

Cross Platform

True cross-platform software platform, not limited to specific device or hardware architecture.

Well Documented and Supported

Development and user manuals are well documented with active community support.

Continuously Evolving

OpenIL targets broad industrial applications, and is always evolving.